Information about TIMERR

How it works

How it works

Timerr is a unique, social-first platform providing a one-stop-marketplace for
consumers looking for professional services in their local area.

For consumers (or buyers)

Timerr helps you find service providers offering the services that you need. You can see what other reviewers have said about them, contact, book and pay them online - conveniently, safely and securely!

We help consumers find the service they need, at the right place, time and price. We then make it simple to book and pay all in one place. This reduces the hassle of bank transfers, finding cash, making multiple phone calls to book and having to find referrals from others.

For service providers (or sellers)

Timerr enables any freelancer or service business to monetise their time & skills by finding, booking
and managing clients.

We provide personal trainers, handymen, tennis coaches, driving instructors and any other professional the means to monetize their skills by advertising their services, finding clients, managing bookings (and in the longer term getting access to resources to help them grow their networks).

So join us today - just register for FREE, create a profile and...hello world!